Student Loan Calculator and Amortization Table with Extra Payments - Additional Principal - Excel Templates

Financial Aid Online Student Loan Calculator - Excel Spreadsheet Template

Test Drive the Excel Online Web App Below: Only enter data for the variables indicated in red: Student Loan Amount, Rate, Term and Extra Monthly Payment.

student loan calculator - excel spreadsheet


Student Loan calculator with amortization table, payment calculator, extra payments (principal). This excel spreadsheet template helps you determine your monthly payment on your student loan plus interest costs based on your interest rate. You can also calculate interest cost savings based on making additional principal payments and how this shortens the length of the student loan. Where you are taking out a new loan or refinancing an existing loan this excel spreadsheet template can help provide information related to student loans.

System Requirements:
Georges Excel Loan Calculator requires Microsoft Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013 on a Windows PC.
Georges Excel Loan Calculator requires Microsoft Excel for Mac 2011 on a Mac Computer.